000036323 - Potential loss of configuration data in email notification templates "CC" and "BCC" fields following an upgrade to RSA Archer

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on May 4, 2018
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Article Number000036323
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Product/Service Type: Notifications
RSA Version/Condition:
IssueFollowing an upgrade to RSA Archer, customers may experience loss of configuration data when managing email notification templates. This applies specifically to Separate Email in Reminder Notification templates. Potential loss of “CC” and “BCC” notification recipients can occur when saving the notification template.
CauseThe condition was introduced when attempting to remediate an issue (ARCHER-41671) concerning email notifications.  The “Reminder/One Email’ Notification option does not work when multiple Record permissions are selected as recipients. In order to correct this, migration of Notification email configuration to deliver to only the “To:’ addresses  was conducted. Unfortunately, the migration script failed to include copying the configuration content from the “CC” and “BCC” fields to the “To” field.
ResolutionTo correct this issue there are multiple options available based on your environment and deployment situation.
  1. Upgrade to RSA Archer Release 6.3 Patch 5 HF1 ( This release re-enables the One Email option for reminder notification that was removed from, and resolves the potential configuration data loss condition when saving a Notification template.
  2. Two scripts have been developed toresolve the configuration data loss issue and they can only be applied after upgrading to the HF. 
    • ReconciliationScript.sql
    • IntrospectionScript.sql

  1. The first script (“ReconciliationScript.sql”) requires an instance DB backup prior to The script  will correctly migrate all the impacted reminder notifications to their original configurations. The script is attached (“ReconciliationScript.sql”). The script will need to be run on each Archer database instance in your target environment.  This script will correct the issue and prevent forward configuration data loss in your email notification templates, plus it will recover “CC” or “BCC” recipients lost between this event and the original upgrade to Again it is necessary to have an Instance DB backup in order for the script to recover your original reminder notifications.

  1. The second script (“IntrospectionScript.sql”) does not require a DB backup and is meant for customers who do not have an instance DB backup prior to The purpose of this script is to provide customers with a report that lists all the reminder notifications that were impacted during the upgrade. An Archer Administrator  will be required to manually go through each notification and make the necessary changes in order to restore the previous configurations. The script is attached (“IntrospectionScript.sql”)

Data Recovery:
If you note that configuration data loss has already occurred, the following options can be undertaken to restore your content. 
  • Run the script (“ReconciliationScript.sql”) mentioned in step 3 after upgrading to
  • Run the script (“IntrospectionScript.sql”) mentioned in step 4 after upgrading to, only if you don’t have an instance db backup, and manually repopulate the “CC” and “BCC” fields in those templates affected. This can be simplified if a DEV/UAT/QA is available and contains the needed data.
NotesPackaging Considerations:
Special consideration needs to be taken when importing packages with existing Reminder Notification/One Email configured templates into a environment, if the packages were generated from
In this case, users may experience a mis-configured Reminder/One Email Notification. Manual recipient configuration will be required to make sure that “CC” & “BCC” data did not move into the “TO” section.