000036316 - How to determine the RSA Authentication Manager 8.x hardware platform

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Article Number000036316
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.x

IssueWith several different hardware platforms, it may become important to know your exact hardware. For example, an Intel server, an older End of Product Support, EOPS Dell R710 or the newer Dell R640?

Dell models typically have a service tag is visible from the back, and Intel models have a pull-out tab on the front. 

However, it is not always easy to get into the server room.  This article provides administrators with a command that can be run remotely.

Tasks include:

  1. Gain console access to the Linux operating system of your RSA Authentication Manager appliance, wither by SSH or direct console access.
  2. Gain root privilege.
  3. Run the dmidecode command and search for the hardware information.
  1. Gain console access to the Linux operating system of your RSA Authentication Manager appliance via SSH or direct console access.
  2. Escalate to root.
  3. Run the command dmidecode | fgrep -i product.
One or two lines should be displayed in the output, as shown above.  Use the following table to determine the hardware platform for your appliance:

ResultRunning On
PowerEdge R210EOPS Dell PowerEdge R210/R710
S1200BTLIntel Server S1200BTL
S2600GZ or S2600GLIntel Server S2600GZ/GL
PowerEdge R230Dell PowerEdge R230
PowerEdge R240Dell PowerEdge R240
PowerEdge R630Dell PowerEdge R630
PowerEdge R640Dell PowerEdge R640
VMware Virtual PlatformVMware VM

NotesIf in doubt about what to search or grep for from dmidecode, send the entire dmidecode output to a file and send the file to RSA Customer Support.


Then use WinSCP of other SCP app to copy the file of the AM server to your PC so that you can send it to RSA Customer Support.


Sometimes you need this output for Power Supply serial numbers or disk drive model information.

Other option on Intel hardware
dmidecode |grep "Asset Tag: F"
Asset Tag: FC6RS142200072_100-200-313-03_FFF

Other option
dmidecode |grep Serial
                Serial services are supported (int 14h)
        Serial Number: FC6RS140700002
        Serial Number: QSGR34601556
        Serial Number: FC6CH140700195