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Several U.S. State Privacy Laws are available as authoritative source content for the RSA Archer Regulatory & Corporate Compliance offerings including:

  • AZ 44-7501: Arizona State Law 44-7501: Notification of breach of security system.
  • CA 1386: California Senate Bill 1386
  • CO 6-1-716: Colorado Statute 6-1-716: Notification of security breach.
  • CT 36a-701b: Connecticut State Law Sec. 36a-701b: Breach of security regarding computerized data containing personal information.
  • DE Chapter 12B: Delaware State Law Title 6, Subtitle II, Chapter 12B: Computer security breaches.
  • FL 817.5681: Florida State Law Title XLVI, Chapter 817.5681: Breach of security concerning confidential personal information.
  • IL 815.530: Illinois State Law Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 815, ILCS 530/Personal Information Protection Act.
  • IN 4-1-11: Indiana State Law IC 4-1-11: Chapter 11. Notice of Security Breach.
  • MA 201 CMR 17: Massachusetts Standards for the Protection of Personal Information of Residents of the Commonwealth.
  • MD 14-3501: Maryland Personal Information Protection Act. Sections 14-3501 - 14-3508.
  • MI 445.72: Michigan Identity Theft Protection Act. Section 72 - Notice of security breach, requirements.
  • NJ 56:8-163: New Jersey State Law 56:8-163 - Disclosure of breach of security to customers.
  • NV 603A: Nevada State Law Chapter 603A - Security of Personal Information.
  • NY 899-aa: New York State Law ARTICLE 39-F: Notification of Unauthorized Acquisition of Private Information
  • PA 73.43: Pennsylvania State Law Title 73, Chapter 43 - Breach of Personal Information Notification Act
  • TX Sec. 521-053: Texas Business and Commerce Code Title 11, Subtitle B, Chapter 521 - Unauthorized Use of Identifying Information
  • VA 18.2-186.6: Virginia State Law 18.2-186.6: Breach of personal information notification.



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Mappings for the U.S. State Privacy Laws to the RSA Archer Control Standard Library are available in the authoritative source content pack.

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