000036413 - Archer License activation servers are unreachable, giving server errors, or cannot be used

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Jun 5, 2018
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Article Number000036413
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: 6.4
Platform: Windows
IssueIn some cases, the RSA Archer License Activation server is unreachable, unavailable, down to a maintenance, etc.
In this situation, both "Automated" activation and "Manual" activation of the RSA Archer product will fail with the below errors (or similar).

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CauseThe issue is caused by the Activation Site and/or server being down.
WorkaroundWhen the RSA Archer Activation Server is down, but RSA Link is still accessible it's possible to Activate Archer without using the RSA Archer Activation Server using the License file from your last Purchase Order.

1. Log into https://community.rsa.com

2. Products -> RSA Archer Suite
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3. Downloads -> RSA Archer Platform -> (version)
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4. Use the "Platform Installer Download" hyperlink on the right.  (ex: https://knowledge.rsasecurity.com/rsalinkscoladmin/RSALink.aspx)

5. Under "My Products" select the "RSA Archer Product" and click "Continue" -> "Continue"

6. Select "Order History" on the Navigation Menu to the left in the RSA Archer Download Central site

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6. Locate the relevant or most recent Purchase Order for your RSA Archer Product.   Click on the Serial Number

7. On the right side, click the icon and select "Licenses"
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8. Download the .ZIP file from the License Information page.

9. Extract the .zip file. It contains a text file.

10. Open the text file.

11. In the RSA Archer License activation screen on the Archer Control Panel, fill in "required" information.

12. Set license activation type to "Manual"

13. Paste the entire contents of the text file from (Step #10) above into the bottom right "License Key" text box.

WARNING: Any changes that RSA Sales has made to your license key after the selected purchase order (Step #6) was completed will not be applied to your Archer instance.  This may cause an unexpected license expiration date, user count, availability of use cases, etc. to be reported for your license.

14. Click Activate

15. Review your license details at the top of the instance screen and verify that the expiration date, user count, etc. is valid.  

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16. IMPORTANT: When the RSA Archer Activation servers are back online, then you can use the automated activation method again to apply any changes or corrections that RSA Sales has applied to your license since the last completed Purchase Order.