RSA Announces Electronic RSA SecurID Software Token Enablement

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RSA SecurID Software Token Electronic Enablement gives customers a SIMPLER, FASTER and SECURE method of obtaining the RSA SecurID Software Token License file.   


Simple and Convenient

RSA is pleased to announce the availability of the Electronic Software Token Enablement process.  You can obtain the RSA SecurID Software Token License file from RSA Download Central, just like your RSA Authentication Manager license.  It is so much easier and faster than physical shipment of the media CD containing the Software Token License file.   


This process is very similar to obtaining your RSA Authentication Manager licenses. When placing an order you must provide the following information:

  1. Enter the SKU for Electronic Enabled Software Tokens (New).  RSA has created new SKUs specifically for the electronic enablement process.  The traditional SKUs are still available if you prefer the physical delivery method. The price is the same regardless of method.
  2. Enter your SecurID Access License Serial number.  You must include your SecurID Access License Serial Number on the sales order.  SecurID Software Token Electronic Enablement is only supported on RSA Authentication Manager version 8.0 or greater.  This option is not available on AM 7.1, AM 6.1 or earlier versions. 

Contact your RSA Sales Representative or Channel Partner if you need assistance.


After the order is processed, you will receive an order fulfillment email that includes all of the information that you require.  There are three simple steps: 

  1. Log on to Download Central.
  2. Navigate to your Software Token
  3. Download the Software Token License file 


After you have downloaded the Software Token License file, you must import this file into Authentication Manager.  This step has not changed. For instructions, see Import a Token Record File.



The SecurID Software Token License file contains no sensitive data. Unlike hardware tokens, the software token records included in the Software Token License file are not used in RSA Authentication Manager 8.x. Only the software token serial numbers and configuration information is preserved.  If the Software Token License file were stolen, there is zero chance that the token records in the file would be useful for any security-related attack.   


When a software token is provisioned, RSA Authentication Manager uses the software token serial number and the configuration information to generate random token record values. These token record values are the actual token records that are sent to the RSA SecurID Token App during the token provisioning process. These token record values are encrypted and stored in the Authentication Manager database. 


By choosing this method, you will no longer receive token media CD.  Electronic Software Token Enablement is only supported on RSA Authentication Manager version 8.0 or greater.  RSA Authentication Manager version 7.1, version 6.1, or earlier versions must continue to use the physical shipment of the token media CD. These versions have reached End Of Product Support (EOPS).


For more information, see the RSA SecurID Software Token Electronic Enablement Video or the document Downloading the RSA SecurID Software Token Enablement File.