How to use non-root user to run root privilege commands in Netwitness server putty

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This document helps to allow non-root user to run root privilege commands without root password.


1. Login to Netwitness server putty as root user.

2. Create new user account using command

useradd testing

3. Set password for user testing using command

passwd testing

4. Add testing user in sudoer's list by running command visudo and add below green highlighted lines. 


# User_Alias ADMINS = jsmith, mikem
User_Alias ADMINS = testing


## Allow root to run any commands anywhere
root ALL=(ALL) ALL
testing ALL=(ALL) ALL


5. Login to Netwintess server putty with testing user credentials to test the access.

6. Run sudo status nwlogcollector to check the status of collection service in collector.

7. All the sudo commands ran by testing user can be tracked in /var/log/secure file.


Reference:TipsAndTricks/BecomingRoot - CentOS Wiki