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Best Practices: Submitting a Case

Make the most of the initial response from Customer Support by using the following guidelines:

  • Have your credentials ready.  These are:
    • Your site ID, name and address;
    • The RSA product about which you are calling (product name and version, including service pack and patch level).  F to resolve the issueor example, RSA NetWitness 11.0 or RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 SP1 patch 2; and 
    • Your RSA product identification (serial number and/or host ID).
  • Clearly define your question or problem.
  • What have you tried so far to resolve the issue?
  • Gather environmental information (OS, networking, software levels).
  • Gather diagnostic information (error messages, error logs, storage dumps, traces).
  • Business impact of the issue (used to determine severity level).


Case Submission Options

As a best practice, we encourage customers to log their case via RSA Link, email or phone. This practice ensures the case is logged and tracked accordingly.

If you need immediate assistance outside of normal business hours, do not send emails to or  Please call your local RSA support office.



At RSA there are multiple ways by which you can open and update a support case. As an RSA support customer, you have 24 x 7 access to RSA Link, RSA’s online support portal. RSA Link provides resources for online case management via the RSA Link Case Management portal, including the ability to open new cases and update existing ones. You are able to review not only the cases where you are the main contact, but the ones opened by others in your organization as well.

Cases opened online via RSA Link generally receive an initial response more quickly than cases submitted via email or phone, as the latter two options require a non-technical Dell EMC Customer Support Technician (CST) or RSA Customer Relations Desk (CRD) employee to transcribe the information into a support case before it is delivered to the appropriate Technical Support team.



Online Web Forms

There are several online web forms available that customers can use to report issues or questions.


Email Support

You can open a new support case by simply emailing your issue or question to  As a best practice, you should always include information on your product version and whether the issue is with a production or non-production environment.

Do not use email support for production down (S1) issues. Please go to the section on reporting Severity 1 issues.


Telephone Support

Telephone support is available 24 x 7 by way of the toll-free access number(s) in your global region.


Global RegionTelephone Number(s)
Americas(800) 995-5095
EMEA00800 772 49000
APJ+800 7221 7221 or +61 2 8873 5100


For more information on engaging RSA Customer Support, refer to the following customer-visible document: How to contact RSA Customer Support


Best Practices: Case Submission by Severity Level

The following section provides best practices around severity levels for RSA Customer Support cases.


Defining Case Severity Levels

Please use the guidelines below in classifying the severity of your issue before contacting RSA Customer Support.  These guidelines will also clarify which method of support is best for the defined severity level.


Case SeverityDefinitionExamples
Severity 1 (S1)Critical: Severe problem preventing customer or workgroup from performing critical business functions
  • Production system hang or crash
  • Production data corruption
  • Production data at high risk of loss or interruption
Severity 2 (S2)High: Customer or workgroup able to perform job function, but performance of job function degraded or severely limited
  • Non-production data loss or corruption
  • Non-production system hang or crash
  • Development system inoperable
Severity 3 (S3)Medium: Customer or workgroup performance of job function is largely unaffected
  • Production or development system has encountered a non-critical problem or defect
  • Question on product use
Severity 4 (S4)Request: Minimal system impact; includes feature requests and other non-critical questions
  • No customer business impact
  • Request for Enhancement (RFE)


Severity 1 Issues

A product issue is considered Severity 1 when it involves a loss of key functionality that is critical to your business. Of the three methods described above (RSA Link, email, or telephone), using telephone support is recommended to expedite the creation and assignment of your case.


If you need immediate assistance with a production down (S1) issue that is happening outside of normal business hours (that is, on weekends or RSA company holidays), do not send emails to or, as these mailboxes are not monitored at those times.  Please call your local RSA support office to open a case.



Issues that are Severity 2 and Below

The preferred method is to use the Case Management portal on RSA Link to open these cases. However, you may also use email or telephone support.


Normal Business Hours for RSA Support

Normal business hours for RSA support are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, local time.


Weekend and Holiday Support

  • Customers with Enhanced Support can access RSA Customer Support at any time, 24 x 7, including weekends and holidays.
  • If an immediate response is required, call in to your local RSA Support Center, using the numbers above.


Service Level Objectives (SLO) for Enhanced Support

Support LevelSeverityInitial ResponseWork EffortCommunication Frequency
Enhanced11 hour (24 x 7)Continuous 24 x 7 until relief is providedEvery 3 to 4 hours, 7 days per week
23 hours (24 x 7)Daily during customer business hoursOnce per day, during business hours
34 hours (9 x 5)Weekly during customer business hoursOnce per week
410 hours (9 x 5)Every other week during customer business hoursTwice per month


Getting Started

  • Register all customer contacts on RSA Link here:
  • Review the tutorial on how to use RSA Link.  The video includes how to:
    • Create, update and close cases  (Info on how to log a case starts at approximately the 6:45 mark in the video.)
    • Search the knowledge base
    • Subscribe to RSA Link advisories for proactive alerts and announcements
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