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The ESA Analytics Details view provides health status information about the selected ESA Analytics service. ESA Analytics services process the data for automated threat detection. It is important that you address any checked item that shows a status other than green (healthy), so that data processing is not interrupted and critical events are not missed.

The following figure shows the ESA Analytics Details view.

ESA Details view

For the related procedure, see Monitor Service Details.

ESA Analytics Details

This section displays the current generic statistics for the selected ESA Analytics service.

Health Status

The Health Status section shows the health of the following items for the selected ESA Analytics service:

  • Mongo
  • JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
  • Disk Space
  • Suspicious Domains Module
  • User Behavior Analytics Module

The following table describes the meaning of each health status.

Health Status


RedCritical and it needs immediate attention.
- -Inapplicable
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