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Note: To monitor Archiver and Warehouse Connector, see "Health Policy".

Configuring the Warehouse Connector monitoring enables you to automatically generate notification when critical thresholds concerning Warehouse Connector and storage have been met.

Access the Warehouse Connector Monitoring view

  1. Go to Admin > Health & Wellness.
  2. Select Settings > Warehouse Connector.

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AdministratorView the details of Warehouse connectorWarehouse Connector Details View

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Quick Look

The Warehouse Connector Monitoring view is displayed.

1 Displays Warehouse Connector Monitoring view Panel
2 Allows to configure Warehouse Connector Monitoring parameters

Warehouse Connector Monitoring parameters

The following table lists the parameters required to configure the Warehouse Connector to automatically generate notification when critical thresholds are reached.

Source or Destination StatusNotify Offline ForNumber of minutes or hours after which the you will receive a notification if the source or destination connection fails.
Stream StatusNotify Stopped ForNumber of minutes or hours after which you would like to receive a notification when the Stream goes offline.
 Disk IsThe limit on the percentage of disk usage after which you would like to receive a notification.
 Source Is BehindNumber of sessions after which a notification is raised if the source goes behind the defined number of sessions.
 Rejected Folder Size IsLimit on the percentage of folder usage after which you would like to receive a notification.
 Number Of Files in Permanent Failure FolderLimit on the number of files in the permanent failure folder after which you would like to receive a notification.
Notification TypeConfigure email or distribution listClick to configure email so that you can receive notifications in NetWitness Suite.
 Configure Syslog and SNMP Trap serversClick to configure audit logs.
 NW Console,
Syslog Notification, SNMP Trap Notification 
Enable NW Console to get notifications on the NetWitness Suite UI notification toolbar.
Enable Email to get email notifications.
Enable Syslog Notification to generate syslog events.
Enable SNMP Trap Notification to  get audit events as SNMP traps.
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