000035469 - RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service initial administrator account email not received

Document created by RSA Customer Support Employee on Jul 23, 2018
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Article Number000035469
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID Access
RSA Product/Service Type: Cloud
IssueWhen a new RSA Cloud Authentication Service is ordered, RSA will process the order and setup the Cloud with the features that were purchased.  Once the Cloud has been fully provisioned for your Service, RSA will send an Initial Administrator Account email.  That email will always be sent to the email address of the contact person on the order.  The Initial Administrator Account email contains the Cloud Administration Console URL and initial super administrator login credentials. These are required to get started configuring the Cloud Administration Console for your Service.

The contact person for an order is the name and contact details that were given to RSA Sales or the RSA Partner representative when you placed the order.  Or, the contact person's details may have been given to RSA Support if a Development service was requested.

Common reasons why the Initial Administrator Account email may not have been received:
  • RSA may not have setup the new Service because:
    • Order processing within RSA may not yet have completed, or
    • You may not have purchased a license that entitles you to an RSA SecurID Access package that includes the RSA Cloud Authentication Service.
  • RSA may have setup the Service for you, but the person expecting the initial administrator account email did not receive it.  This could be because:
    • The email has not been sent yet,
    • It went to a junk mail folder,
    • It was sent to someone else, or
    • There was an email or network error of some sort.
TasksThings you can check are:
  • Check your junk or spam email folders to see if the email has been diverted there.
  • Review your order to confirm what was purchased.
  • Review your order to determine the name and email address of the contact person on the order, and make sure the email address is correct. 
  • If the Initial Administrator Account email was sent to someone else in your organization:
    • If you both need access, ask the other person to create an additional administrator account for you.
    • If the other person does not need access after all, ask that person to forward the Initial Administrator Account email to you so you can create credentials for yourself, then delete the other person's Initial Administrator account.  When you receive the forwarded email, the steps are:
      1. Login with the Initial Administrator Account credentials from the email.  This means you will temporarily be logging in using the other person's email address as your User ID (if prompted to change the account credentials, that must be done).
      2. Create a new Super Administrator Account with your own email address in the Username field.
      3. Logout of the Initial Administrator Account.
      4. Login with your new Super Administrator Account credentials created in step 2, above.
      5. Delete the Initial Administrator Account that was in the forwarded email.
If further assistance is required, contact your RSA Sales or Partner representative or contact RSA Customer Support.

See also: Requesting RSA to create additional Super Administrator accounts for the RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service .