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This topic introduces the functions of the Admin > Security view > Roles tab.

Roles are assigned to all NetWitness Suite users. Users receive the permissions the roles allow. In the Roles tab you can create, duplicate, edit and delete a role. You can also see a list of all roles and their respective permissions.

What do you want to do?

RoleI want to ...Show me how
AdminView preconfigured rolesStep 1. Review the Pre-Configured NetWitness Roles
AdminCreate a new roleStep 2. (Optional) Add a Role and Assign Permissions

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To access this view:

  1. Go to ADMIN > Security.
    The Security view opens to the Users tab by default.
  2. Click the Roles tab.
    Security view Roles tab

The Roles tab consists of the Roles list with a toolbar at the top.

The following table describes the toolbar features.

Add icon Displays the Add Role dialog.
Delete icon Displays the Edit Role dialog.
Delete icon Displays a warning message, and asks for confirmation that you want to delete a role. 
Duplicate role icon Duplicates a role to save with a different name.

The following table describes the roles list features.

Name Displays the name of a role that can be given to a user.
Description Displays a description of the role.
Permissions Displays the permissions assigned to the role. 
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