000036630 - How can I see who else from my company is on RSA Link?

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Article Number000036630
Applies ToRSA Customers, Partners and Employees
IssueI want to know which of my colleagues have already registered for accounts on RSA Link so that I can be aware of when they post questions or discussions.
ResolutionSimilar to how you can filter searches for content in RSA Link, you can also do the same with users depending on how much of their profiles they have filled out.  One of these available filters is the Company field.  Assuming your colleagues have filled out that field—and with the same name—you can easily find out who has RSA Link accounts by following the steps below.
  1. Log in to RSA Link with your account credentials.
  2. Access the People search page by navigating to https://community.rsa.com/people.
  3. Ensure that the All option is selected on the left and then click on the Add filter link.
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  4. Click on the drop down menu for the filter and select the Filter by Company option.
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  5. Click on the drop down menu that appears next to the Filter by Company option and select your company.
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  6. You will now see the users who have the same company listed in their profile and will be able to view their profiles, follow them to get notifications when they post anything or even create an RSS feed to plug into your favorite feed reader (e.g. Feedly, Newsify, etc.) to see when they participate on RSA Link.
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NotesThe accuracy of the list is dependent upon how well your colleagues have filled out their profiles on RSA Link, as well as the visibility set on the Company field.  Consider the following:
  • If your colleague did not fill out the Company field in their profile then they will not appear in the filtered list.
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  • If your colleagues didn't type in the company name exactly within the Company field then they'll be listed separately in the list.

    Even if an extra space is added at the end of a company name the platform will assume that it is different because they are not exact.

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  • Depending on what a user has configured in their privacy settings you may or may not be able to find them in a search that depends on the Company field.
    • When set to Everyone the field can be viewed even by users who are not logged in.
    • When set to Registered users the field can be viewed by users who are currently logged in to RSA Link.
    • When set to Friends the field can only be viewed by individuals that they are following whom are following them back.
    • When set to Yourself the field cannot be viewed by anybody other than themselves.
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