Preconfigured Access Policies

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RSA SecurID Access provides preconfigured access policies that you can use immediately without performing any configuration. You can clone these policies and edit the cloned versions to customize as needed. You cannot edit or delete the preconfigured policies. When you add an identity source, it is automatically associated with the preconfigured policies.

To access the preconfigured policies, sign in to the Cloud Administration Console and select Access > Policies.

Note:  Depending on when your account was created in the Cloud Administration Console, you may or may not see these preconfigured policies.

For complete information on access policies, see Access Policies.

Cloning a Preconfigured Access Policy

When you clone a preconfigured access policy, RSA SecurID Access copies settings from the original policy to a new policy and names the new policy Clone of original_policy. You can edit the cloned policy to give it a different name and modify the settings. For instructions on cloning access policies, see Clone an Access Policy.

Assurance Levels for Preconfigured Access Policies

The following table describes the preconfigured access policies with their assurance levels.

Access Policy NameAssurance LevelDescription
All Users Low Assurance LevelLow

Requires additional authentication for all users at low, medium, and high assurance levels.

All Users Medium Assurance LevelMedium
All Users High Assurance LevelHigh
All Users Medium Assurance Level with Low Identity ConfidenceMedium

Requires additional authentication for all users at medium assurance level when identity confidence is low. Available to Premium Edition customers only.

Cloned Access Policy Example

The following example displays the four preconfigured policies and a clone of the All Users Medium Assurance Level policy. The cloned policy appears at the bottom of the policy list.

Note:  The All Users Medium Assurance Level with Low Identity Confidence policy does not display when the Premium Edition is downgraded to the Enterprise or Base Edition.



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