RSA NetWitness Working Groups

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RSA NetWitness Working Groups
RSA NetWitness Working Groups provide a mechanism for collaboration by the product team with our customers.  Working Groups are formed to address specific areas of the RSA NetWitness product offering with the intent to engage with customers in validating that we are building the right capabilities into the platform. 
How do I participate in a Working Group?
Working Group topics change over time as our roadmap progresses and we shift our focus to different areas of the RSA NetWitness Platform.  We recognize (and appreciate) that our customers make a time commitment to be part of the Working Groups and we aim to work with our customers to set the right cadence of the meeting based on where we are in the release process .
To join a working group, please email the Working Group Owner for a topic you may be interested in or sign-up for next meeting.


Lead Product Mgr

Next Meeting Details

Analyst Experience    

Corey Dukai


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Contact Corey Dukai for more details

April 4th @ 10:00am EST
We will be discussing upcoming improvements to Investigation. This will cover enhancements to Search and Sort functionality, as well as other work we will be addressing in the next year in the Investigation system. We will be reviewing both short and long term road maps for this area as well. Please join us at this session to learn about our plans and give us feedback on this important part of the RSA NetWitness Platform. 
System Administration
Mike Gallegos
Contact  Mike Gallegos  for more details
December 6 @ 11:00 ET
We will be discussing the Health and Wellness changes in RSA NetWitness Platform 11.x and future releases.   
Log Source Management
Guy Williams
Contact Guy Williams for more details
May 16@ 11:00 am ET 
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We will be discussing the future of Log Source Management, both near term and long term. This will include a replacement for the NetWitness SFTP Agent as well as a centralized place to manage all event sources.
RSA NetWitness Endpoint
Sunila Menon
Contact  Sunila Menon for more details
JANUARY 10 @ 9:00 am ET
Topic : Enhanced Event Collection from Endpoints 
In this session , we will walk through the new ,enhanced approach to event collection from endpoints in RSA NetWitness Platfrom and explain how this helps organizations gain deeper visibility on activities occurring on the endpoints along with improved detection.
5RSA Threat Content

Ray Carney

Contact Ray Carney for more details

October 18 @ 2:00 pm ET
We will be reviewing the current Threat Content Roadmap, and discussing areas with potential for improvement in Threat Detection moving forward.
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