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For over two decades, ComplyTec Inc. has provided Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) or Integrated Risk Management (IRM) solutions to the utility industry.  ComplyTec is a strategic partner with AESI, an engineering and management consulting firm that provides technical and management solutions to electric utilities and government agencies across North America, helping organizations maintain reliable operations, meet regulatory requirements and harness technology to attain operational excellence. 


The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is an international regulatory authority tasked with ensuring the North American Bulk Power system remains secure and reliable. To this end, NERC develops—and legally enforces— reliability standards to which all qualified power-generating and bulk transmission companies must adhere. Thus, it is prudent for power generation and bulk transmission companies to implement regulatory compliance solutions to ensure that all aspects of the organization adhere to NERC standards


Built with the assistance of AESI, the ComplyTec NERC Compliance Management app-pack captures and reports on all activities relevant to NERC regulations using a custom-built app-pack that can help tie the events to appropriate requirements, reporting entities, locations, and documentation. The app-pack uses the NERC reliability compliance framework of standards and requirements as the foundation. 


The ComplyTec NERC Compliance Management app-pack is customized and tailored for NERC compliance staff making it easy to use which decreases training time and increases user adoption.  All labels, fields, reliability standards titles, and workflows are tailored to leverage NERC terminology.The app-pack facilitates the automation of internal processes and allows users to share NERC source data. This results in cross-functional collaboration and full end-to-end accountability for NERC reliability. 


The 2020 app-pack update provides an improved user experience supported by reminder notifications and email alerts for both tasks and evidence submission. New automated workflows, calculations, and questionnaires support the reporting cycles for NERC requirements while new IViews and reports have been added to take advantage of new charting features available with RSA Archer Release 6.7.


Key Features

The ComplyTec NERC Compliance Management app-pack enables utilities to:

  • Pre-load families of NERC standards applicable to an organization’s registration or entity type.
  • Pre-configure advance workflows and assessments to support the up-to-date NERC reliability standards and the required evidence collection process. 
  • Optimize NERC reliability with a systematic approach to identify, assess, decision, treat, and monitor requirements, controls, evidence, and associated risks relevant to applicable entities.
  • Leverage a built-in evidence repository with supporting notifications and alerts for required NERC data from external sources or from within the app pack.
  • Use a layout that aligns with the Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets and uses NERC language.
  • Provide an aggregated dashboard and record level view of compliance data across the enterprise including all elements related to NERC compliance and remediation.
  • Generate RSAWs in real-time using compiled data from all related standards, and controls.



  • Provides Chief Executive Officers with:
    • Insight for an enterprise roll-up of compliance performance
    • End-to-end accountability
    • Reinforcement of compliance process governance
    • Increased visibility of risks
  • Assists NERC Compliance managers by providing:
    • Increased autonomy and self-administration
    • Improved audit readiness, faster audit preparation, and an easier self-audit process
  • Helps the NERC implementation team with:
    • Faster implementation, training and user adoption
    • Expands upon non-NERC compliance functions
  • Improves the user experience for NERC compliance field staff requiring less effort to participate in the compliance process



This offering requires the following use cases including:


The following use cases are optional:


Supported Platform Version

ComplyTec NERC Compliance Management App-Pack was developed for and validated on RSA Archer Platform releases 6.4 SP1 and 6.7. 


RSA Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) Licenses

Five (5) RSA Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) licenses are required for the ComplyTec NERC Compliance Management App-Pack.  In addition, two (2) questionnaires are required for this offering. This requires a licensed use case that enables questionnaires in order for this questionnaire to function.


Additional licensing fees will also apply.  Contact for additional information.


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