RSA Webcast: Leverage Big Data Analytics to Address IT Vulnerabilities

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at

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RSA Webcast: Leverage Big Data Analytics to Address IT Vulnerabilities

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
11:00 am EST/4:00 pm GMT

A global survey of 200 organizations shows that 40% of enterprises are overwhelmed with the security data they already collect (1) . At the same time, organizations don’t have an adequate understanding of this information and find it hard to answer critical questions, such as: How many assets do we have? What is the business context of each asset? What is the risk to my enterprise from vulnerabilities detected?

RSA Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM), built on the RSA Archer platform, takes a Big Data approach to help security teams identify and prioritize high risk threats. Using RSA VRM, an organization can manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle from detection and reporting through remediation and verification. Join this webcast to learn:

How IT Security Analysts or IT Administrators can:

  • Leverage big data analytics to aggregate and consume massive amounts of security data
  • Prioritize and classify issues based on business context, threat intelligence, and vulnerability scan results
  • Manage issues, exceptions and remediation workflows

How CISOs can:

  • Manage their vulnerability management program using KPIs
  • Improve productivity by automation of vulnerability processes

1 The Rise of Data-Driven Security, Enterprise Management Associates, Inc.


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