RSA Webinar: What's New In RSA SecurID Access?

Created by Denise Sposato Employee on May 24, 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at Webinar; Registration Required

Starts at 11:00 AM · Ends at 12:00 PM, EDT (America/New_York)

  • Denise Sposato
  • Hussein El Baz
  • Jay Guillette
  • Sergio Dias

What’s New in RSA SecurID® Access?

RSA SecurID® Access, the world’s most widely deployed multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution, helps to secure access in a world without boundaries. RSA SecurID Access provides convenient, secure access to on-premises, web, mobile and cloud applications, and eliminates access blind spots by giving you visibility into and control over access across your organization. Whether you want authentication-as-a-service or implemented on-premises as a hybrid, RSA has the right solution for you including the widest range of authentication options to suit any user’s preference or environment.

Join us for an upcoming webinar and learn about the latest offerings and enhancements from RSA SecurID Access, including:

  • Advanced Mobile Authentication Migration Made Easy: Existing RSA Authentication Manager customers are able to easily migrate their users to advanced mobile authentication options and allow them to use a single authenticator to access both on-premises and cloud applications on all the major mobile platforms.
  • Choice of Authenticators: RSA SecurID Access offers convenient access and frictionless security with the broadest range of authentication methods from advanced mobile push notification and biometric options to traditional RSA SecurID hardware and software tokens.
  • Support for Existing SSO Installations: API support for third-party SSO providers allows the use of RSA SecurID Access with existing SSO platforms.
  • Pure Cloud Identity Assurance-as-a-Service: The RSA SecurID Access Identity Assurance-as-a-Service applies risk-based analytics and context-aware insights to enable smarter access decisions in real-time.

In this live webinar, RSA identity expert, Murtaza Hafizji, will provide insight into all the exciting new capabilities during this live webcast as well as answer any questions. Join him to learn how to:

  • Strengthen security and mitigate risk with advanced mobile authentication methods allowing you to protect today’s most consequential attack vector, identity.
  • Replace fear with confidence – be sure that your users, no matter what type (employees, customers, vendors), are who they say they are.

Enable Business-Driven Security™ – enable your business users to try new ventures and spread their wings knowing you have the right identity and access controls in place to help ensure compliance.



Webinar; Registration Required