Good Hygiene

Idea created by Sean Miller Employee on May 11, 2016
    • Boris Lekumovich
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    There are a few good practices you can follow to ensure your system stays tidy and uncluttered.


    Here is a quick checklist of things to consider:

    • Do you cleanup old data runs on some frequency?  Consider looking under Admin->Monitoring->Data Runs and deleting old runs unless they are critical to keep around
    • Is your logging level in production set to ERROR?  This is the #1 thing that I see in investigations.  The INFO level while useful for tracking down issues generates a lot of extra logs
    • Do you have any retention set on your email logging?  Check out Admin->Email
    • Do you run Data_Retention_Pkg on some schedule to prune older data?  Currently you need to call the methods in this package explicitly based on your retention policy.  This is a key win to helping reduce the accumulation of data in the system that can lead to bloat over time.  Look at pruning the run details and application logs in particular.  The T_AV_JOBSTATS table can get very large logging lots of useful information about collections but you dont need this after the fact.  Consider a retention policy of removing logging information older than a week.
    • Can old reviews be removed or is there some retention period after which they can be deleted?
    • Do you cleanup old logs?  Most cases the system is configured to rollover the logs based on size or date.  Do you need a log still from 2010