Show collector name in Circuit Breaker error mail

Idea created by Ahmed Shendy Employee on Dec 26, 2018
    • Anant Agarwal
    • Boleslaw Mynarski
    • Ashish Joshi
    • Frank Schubert
    • George Kwakkernaat
    • Edward Bertsch
    • Jamie Pryer
    • Frank Koster
    • Scott Loessin

    The request is for the mail to show more than just a run number, but to also show the name of the collector that produced the error - AND IN THE SUBJECT LINE IF AT ALL POSSIBLE for easy searching and sorting of mail. 


    Both the subject line and the description listed in the mail body are too vague and require several additional steps to trace down the source of the problem and to re-run the collector (if needed) with the circuit breaker bypass feature.