Adaptive & Verifiable BOMs (ABOM)

Idea created by Paul Mcavoy Employee on Jul 29, 2019
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    The Adaptive & Verifiable Bill of Materials (ABOMs) allows manufacturers to construct devices in a way such that anyone can instantaneously verify the supply chain for the constituent components of a device. This capability allows businesses to securely onboard IoT devices and provides a pathway to securely update those devices in the future.


    The secure on-boarding of IoT devices has been an ongoing challenge for the industry. Existing solutions cannot accommodate complex devices that consist of many components from disparate suppliers and is limited to the onboarding phase of a device. ABOM scales to support complex devices and provides a way to securely repair and update devices long after the onboarding phase.

    The ABOM cryptographic toolkit allows part suppliers to quickly and easily register their parts on distributed ledgers or blockchains. Device suppliers can leverage the toolkit to enable device registration and management of verifiable claims, which allow instantaneous verification.

    Use Cases:

    • Secure device on-boarding
    • After-market fraud detection
    • Immediate part recall detection


    Potential Customers:

    • Part suppliers and device manufactures requiring trusted components
    • Organizations utilizing long-lived Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices
    • Device service centers that make certified repairs