RSA HumanID: Real-World Relationship Digital Risk Mitigation

Idea created by Paul Mcavoy Employee on Jul 29, 2019
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    RSA HumanID brings humanity back to security by providing convenient, strong identity proofing and emergency access by enabling people to quickly verify one another’s identities.


    Multi-factor authentication is a critical component to securing digital identities. However, traditional approaches often rely on weak enrollment process or may be subverted by social engineering.


    HumanID can augment customer’s current methods of providing identity assurance by combining authentication methods available to them in addition to “someone who knows who you are.”


    User Enrollment may be accomplished leveraging HR Personnel, managers or colleagues to vouch for a new user’s identity.


    Emergency Access Authentications can be supported by having a 2nd person vouch for the 1st person via approval email or some other convenient method. A record of this transaction may be logged and shared with a SEIM for review.


    Additionally, for protecting the most sensitive assets including but not limited to nuclear launch codes, HumanID can be leveraged for requiring 2 person verification.