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Error when trying to create Chart

Question asked by Abrom Douglas III on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by Frank Schubert

Following the guidance of the 000033281 - Guidelines for writing Report Chart SQL Queries in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Knowledge base document, I am getting the below error within the 'Display Attributes" tab:


"The data for this chart is invalid.  Ensure the query is correct and returns the expected number of columns"


After writing the query and testing it, the data displays perfect in the preview.  Here's the query:


(select * from
        SELECT bu.NAME as "Business Unit",COUNT(*) as "count"
        WHERE usr.IS_TERMINATED ='False'
        GROUP BY bu.NAME


I am ultimately trying to create a Doughnut 2D chart style to simply breakdown the count of users in each business unit.  I then would like to place this on a welcome dashboard.  Does anyone have any guidance as to why this is failing?  Thanks in advance.