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ADFS Agent and ODA

Question asked by Matt Payton on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Matt Payton

We've been using ADFS (ver 3.0 on server 2012R2) and the RSA ADFS agent (currently version 1.0.1) to require authentication via RSA SecurID (Auth Manager 8.2 SP1) when logging in to our Office 365 tenant from outside our corporate network.

This has been working for about 18 months, and still does for users with hardware/software tokens, but we are now just starting to enable some users for On-Demand authentication. ODA is working for our Cisco VPN, but not Office 365. Users are prompted for an RSA token as expected, but after entering their PIN they (eventually) get a generic error - "An error occurred. Contact your Administrator for more information"

The token is sent(either email or sms), but access is never granted.


Is anybody else using ODA with ADFS and Office 365 ? If so did you have to do anything specific or different that for using tokens ?