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Agent Autoregistration Errors in ImsTrace.log

Question asked by Terrence McCann on Feb 8, 2018

Following one of the troubleshooting steps in the following thread: One of my RSA authentictrion agents is posting continious error messages stating Invalid proof of authentication data provided by the agent , I rebooted my AM 8.2 SP1 Primary. Since the reboot this morning, I am observing the following error from various clients. When I look at the offline days on the endpoint, they do not appear to have updated leaving me to believe that there are communication issues. I am able to ping the systems and perform NSLOOKUPS that resolve appropriately.


2018-02-08 07:08:12,169, [AutoRegConnectionHandler3], (,, ERROR, BOGUSSERVERNAME,,,,Unable to lookup class com.rsa.authmgr.internal.admin.agentmgt.dal.Agentwith ip address: IP_ADDRESS_REMOVED


I searched the knowledge base and there was a technote with the same/similar message, but it pertained to RADIUS authentication. All of these agents are Windows running


Is this something to be concerned with? Is there a remedy that does not involve deleting the agents?