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NetWitness 11.1: ESA Rule Export via Console or ESA Tool usage

Question asked by Roman Brandt on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Thomas Fedorchuk

Hello everybody,

I found a knowledge base article that describes how to export all ESA Rules as .csv from the mongo db. This only seems to work with versions 10.5.x and 10.6.x. I also found another article that describes the usage of the esa tool, but this is also only for version 10.x. Is the esa tool also available for version 11 or is there another way to export all esa rules as .csv via the command line? I guess a ESA Tool version for version 11 would be the best way for my problem, because my problem is already described in the esa tool guide under topic "5 - After reimaging SA SERVER NO RULES in the UI".

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