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Use of RSA SecurID iOS SDK in app distributed on App Store

Question asked by Mark Bowers on Jul 27, 2019

Hello RSA team!


I would to make an iOS app that makes use of the RSA SecurID Software Token SDK 2.4.0 for Apple iOS. (I was able to download the SDK and start playing with the SecurIDLib in an iOS project. It looks well-documented and easy to use.)


My end goal is to create a much better version of the default RSA SecurID Software Token for iOS. In particular, I am planning for my app to have Touch ID support, and to let the user auto-fill the token output in Safari using Apple's Password AutoFill feature. Such an app would save users a great deal of time while signing in to a website that requires a SecurID token.


So my question is: What am I actually allowed to do with your SDK? Can I use it in an iOS app that I distribute on the App Store? If so, what requirements do I have to follow? I couldn't find any clear guidance on the RSA website, nor in the SecurID SDK documentation or release notes.


(The library header files do contain the text "This software and the documentation, and any copies thereof, may not be provided or otherwise made available to any other person." A strict reading of this would seem to imply that I cannot use the SDK to make and distribute my own app, since my binary would statically link against your libSecurIDLib.a binary. But surely I am reading this wrong; otherwise why would RSA make the SDK available?)


Thank you so much for your help!