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Kevin Stear
By far most of the bank-related phishing campaigns described in security advisories and reports consist of bank customers being targeted for their online credentials. Much less common is a phishing campaign targeting the banks themselves. Perhaps fraudsters know that there are a lot more bank customers than there are banks, and generally banks

Sneha Sabnis
The RSA NetWitness Log Parsing team has reviewed the Top 50 Log Parsers that generate the most number of incoming “Unknown Message Defect” support cases.   Summary for Top 50 Event Sources Total # of Log Parsers Released on Live Number of Event Sources - IMPROVED & RELEASED 38 38 (as of 21 Jun 2017) Number
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Ishtiyaq Shah
Category Sub Category #Use Case Log Source #RSA Supported #Business Use Cases Access/Authentication Identity Management Monitor for use of disabled usernames Active Directory , Databases, Applications, Web Proxy, HR data Integrating Windows AD and monitoring for event ID's for User login attempts and correlating with Status of user in AD Password
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Rui Ataide
Eric Partington mentioned on his recent post Log - Sysmon 6 Windows Event Collection that a lot is being said about the use of Sysmon with logging solutions.    As Incident Responders or even as simple malicious activity hunters one of the key sources of data we rely on daily is the ability to track all command execution and