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Announcement 1 RSA Link Scheduled Maintenance: January 18th - January 21st

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Rodolfo Rodriguez Zavala
Hi, I have a question, does anyone knows why when I have installed Adaptive Authentication 7.3 P2 on HA environment  load balancer (Jboss 6.4, Linux 7.2, Java 1.8, Microsoft SQL 2012 R2), when the transaction is going through the first node everything is fine, but when the transacction is going through the second node, it always fails??

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   Below, all of the Security Analytics 10.6.4 User Guides are listed. Each guide is available as either a PDF or as a group of HTML topics. Clicking the HTML link for a guide opens its Table of Contents.   Additionally, documentation for reports, rules, parsers, meta data, and other content-related items is available as
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Article Content Article Number 000030838 Applies To RSA Product Set: Security Analytics, NetWitness RSA Product/Service Type: Core Appliance, Packet Hybrid, Log Hybrid, SA All-in-One, Event Stream Analysis (ESA), Malware Analysis, Warehouse, Archiver, Security Analytics Server RSA Version/Condition: NetWitness 9.8.x, SA 10.x and later