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Aastha Malhotra
Hi All,   We have a requirement to collect the data from Windows Active Directory Share Folders through Data Access Collectors.    As we have only three types of Data source type while creating new Data Access Collector i.e Database, Data Entitlement Aggregator, DEA Legacy. There is no source of collecting data access(File or

Russ Burden
I am running RSA Authentication Manager in Azure.  I downloaded the update and extracted it to an nfs mount.  In AM,  i configure download source to my NFS mount point, the test succeeds.  When I scan for updates, AM tells me no updates are available.   Upon further inspection, when I extract the
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Susan Read-Miller
RiskLens specializes in the quantification of cybersecurity risk. RiskLens’ cyber risk quantification software is purpose-built on FAIR (Fair Analysis of Information Risk), the international standard quantitative model for information security and operational risk. RiskLens leverages calibrated estimates, statistical simulation methods such