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Kamlesh Kumar Gupta
Audience Product Course Name / Description Delivery Options Delivery  Type Role Cost Level Version Customers,Partners,CS,PS, ES AA RSA Adaptive Authentication Case Management Overview This self-paced, on-demand course serves as an introduction to the Case Management application under the suite of Back Office applications for RSA Adaptive…
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RSA Customer Support
Click to view contentArticle Content Article Number 000026494 Applies To RSA Product Set: ECAT RSA Version/Condition: 4.4.x Issue How to configure RSA Live subscriptions in RSA ECAT 4.4.x. Resolution To configure RSA Live subscriptions in RSA ECAT version 4.4.x., perform the following steps: In the RSA ECAT UI, click on Configure -> Monitoring and External…
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Article Content Article Number 000012175 Applies To RSA Product Set: RSA NetWitness Platform RSA NetWitness Decoder Issue The 10gb fibre card adapters are not correctly configured on RSA NetWitness Decoder. After installing a 10gb fibre card, the interfaces are not seen as p2pX (where X refers to the interface number) but instead are seen as…
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Ping Tai
How we can use the AGS web service to add an entitlement to a role?   curl -XPOST https://******/aveksa/command.submit?cmd=addEntitlementToRole&role_id=test&ent_id=test Error 500: Neither role name nor role id were defined in the request    
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Marcel van Kekeren
Click to view contentWe are trying to setup an role management workflow that in case of a change in role owner for a specific role an approval is requested from the role set owner.   For this we try to configure an Decision node in the workflow that detects the change of role owner and reroutes the approval to the role set owner.     We tried different option in e… (Show more)
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Devika Sunil
After rebuilding avuser schema (000028204 - How to remove all user data stored in the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle application database  steps followed), I'm unable to login to the GUI. It keeps giving me authentication error. I have tried both default password (aveksa123) and the password I was using prior to the activity. I also applied… (Show more)
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Xiaoyan Zhong
Hi there,   All documentation I saw are about RSA SecurID Access software tokens for MAC OS desktops, I have been wondering if there are RSA SecurID Access hardware tokens for MAC OS desktops? I'll be appreciated if anyone could give me detailed information about this. RSA SecurID AccessRSA Authentication Manager   Thank you.
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Paul Mcavoy
The following idea is part of an RSA internal innovation contest. We are sharing these ideas to gather feedback from customers and help employees improve on their concepts.  Please share your reactions to this idea by Voting and/or Commenting below. There are 8 total ideas to review now through Aug 23. You can find additional ideas here. If you…
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Jeremy Kerwin
I'm going through the process of validating the storage configuration of our deployment and would like to work out the size on disk of the events of each log source type so I can calculate storage requirements based on EPS, etc.   Does anyone have any suggestions about going about that? For example for any syslog type event source just use the… (Show more)
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