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Rodrigo de Freitas Ribeiro
Hello   Have a question about collectors.   It is possible to configure a procedure on collectors.   I have a procedure that returns the rights of an application in two columns (CODE, DESCRIPTION) it is possible to configure this procedure in a collector.   Thank you
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Padmalochan Mohanty
Click to view contentHi, In RSA IGL, while configuring OAuth 2.0 authentication method for Approval email account( what should the minimum required API permission be given to the application on Azure portal ? The same email account is also used for reply email.     Thanks in advance !!!....
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Joseph Cantor
Access Training     In order to register for a class, you need to first create a Dell Education account If you need further assistance, contact us   Summary This course is the perfect place to start your Archer training journey. Use this introductory session to determine which training path is right for you or the other individuals in your…
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Nikita Atalia
There are some orphan and active accounts identified in the system with no account history. Account history shows no transaction entry at all. Can someone please advise on possible root cause of this scenario?
Kiran Namoju
Greetings,   I am looking for RSA AM failover documentation. I know if primary goes down, secondary/replica will still pickup authentication requests and fulfill the MFA, however, is not capable of handling the administrative tasks. Do we have any mechanism available in RSA AM where it fails over, with full service(MFA and admin… (Show more)
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David Strom
Is there Oracle Linux 8 support for the PAM agent, for SecurID?   Release notes for Pam Agent 8.1.2 says RHEL 8 support, so it should work for Oracle Linux 8, right?
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Willim Metzger
I know it is possible to hide the Copy button in a record. My question is When using Advance Workflow is it possible to hide the "Edit" "View", "Save" , "Save and Close" Buttons so all that is available is the Actions button.   Can this code be updated to support the above request:   <script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function ()… (Show more)
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IT Ksyun
Click to view contentDear Teams:   I just want to know What's different between the Enterpise Edition of Authentication Manager 8X  and Cloud Auth Services? Actually we had the Authentication Manager Base Edition license and already upgraded to Enterprise Edition Version. But we still can not to access Cloud Authentication Service .   Besides. i had talked with… (Show more)
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Marta Benedetti
Hi everyone,   I've created a new request form in order to create a new user on AD and I'd like to add a sort of validation in some fields such as email address.   In order to do this I've added a field of type Javascript Block in order to check that the field email:   avform.registerExprSub(null, "${}", function(value){… (Show more)
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Massimiliano Mandato
Hi All,   i need to export all users with an configured radius attribute on the RSA Authentication Manager (ver 8.1 SP1). The management console does not contain such a report where i can filter on radius attributes If anyone has a solution this would be great.   Thanks in advance Best regards Max
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