What feature would you like to see most in Security Analytics?

Poll created by David Waugh Employee on Jun 30, 2016

I'm just interested in what features members of the community would like in future releases of Security Analytics...

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  • Automated Backup and Restore of all configuration data and settings.
  • Full High Availability of all security analytics components including the SA Server
  • Edit Parser : Will be nice to have the default parser and a custom parser in the same way as the index and index-custom files.
  • Ability to edit parsers within the product. You have a mis-parsed message and you are able to edit the message within the GUI so that future messages are parsed as you would like.
  • Centralized management of: Meta groups Meta profiles User profiles (timezone settings etc)
  • Ability to report on SA user account activity (last logged on time etc)
  • Health and Wellness monitor for scheduled report failures
  • Health and Wellness monitor for feed failures
  • Something else. Please specify in the comments below and I will add it in as a voting option.