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RSA Proven Professional Certification Program - SecurID



SecurID Access certifications begin with the Associate exam which is the prerequisite to the role-based Specialist exams, but may be the ideal stopping point for anyone who desires to demonstrate a general understanding of SecurID Access but does not have the need to work as an administrator or implementor.  Advancing beyond the Associate level, the Specialist exams are specific to Implementor or Administrator roles.  Customers, partners, and employees can take certifications for one role or both roles.


At this time, no Expert or Master level exams are being offered for SecurID Access.


For users that obtained certifications between January 1, 2019 and when the new exams are launched, the following mappings will apply:

  • Users who obtained the legacy SecurID Access Associate exam will be granted the new SecurID Access Certified Specialist - Administrator certification
  • Users who obtained the legacy SecurID Access Professional exam will be granted the new SecurID Access Certified Specialist - Implementor certification


Users that obtained legacy SecurID Access certifications (Associate or Professional) before January 1, 2019 or are just beginning their SecurID Access certification journey are encouraged to begin with the new SecurID Access Certified Associate certification and continue through the Proven Professional program in their role of choice. 


Important:  Be sure to note the expiration date for each exam.  Associate level exams do not expire, but subsequent exams carry a two-year lifespan.  In order to advance to a higher-level exam, the previous level exam must still be active.


For the most recent information regarding RSA Product Certifications, please click here to access the RSA Certification page on RSA Link.



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