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At RSA, our aim is to ensure that the products we provide work toward our customers' individual and enterprise security goals. This can only be made possible by streamlining support and educating our users on their product security needs.  RSA® Link, a technical support portal and online community, is a one-stop shop for all customer service needs.

On this website, users can access documentation, downloads, advisories, knowledge base articles and more, while also having the ability to participate in real-time discussions with other customers, partners and RSA employees.



Each product space has its own dedicated community where users can post discussions and questions relating to the product.


This makes it easy for customers, partners, and RSA employees to collaborate on issues they encounter, as well as to discuss and receive feedback on various ways to implement and integrate the products.


The product communities are also where you can find blog posts and other industry content that helps you get the most out of your RSA products, and where you can learn about the latest features and releases.


All product announcements, as well as technical and security advisories, are found and distributed on RSA Link.


Users can easily find the advisories that interest them, and also have the option to subscribe to them in order to receive email notifications when new advisories are published.


Customers with active maintenance contracts will automatically be subscribed to the advisories for their product(s) upon logging in and will not have to subscribe manually.



RSA Link is where users can find all documentation and downloads relating to their RSA products. Nearly all product documentation is publicly accessible and can even be found via search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.


In an effort to make it more intuitive to find this content, the documentation and downloads are organized by product version.


The RSA Knowledge Base, which includes thousands of publicly accessible articles that address known issues and provide product tutorials, is fully integrated with RSA Link.


Each product has its own knowledge base, which allows users to search for and subscribe to articles specific to the products that interest them.


  • Community discussions
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Product documentation and implementation guides
  • Software downloads and advisories
  • Support case management
  • Product and security training



  • Research issues and obtain self-help
  • Download patches and software updates
  • Subscribe to documentation, knowledge base articles and other content for the most up-to-date information
  • Participate in real-time discussions with other customers, partners and RSA employees
  • Access customer-only content, such as downloads and security advisories related to your products
  • Create and manage technical support cases



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