This release of RSA NetWitness Platform Language Pack includes the support for French, Japanese, German, and Latin American Spanish languages on the RSA NetWitness Platform user interface.

To set up the language pack do the following:

1. Install the Language Pack on NetWitness Platform.

2. Set the Language for NetWitness Platform UI.

Install the Language Pack

Note: You must have NetWitness Platform 11.5.x  to install the language pack.

To install the language pack:

  1. Ensure your deployment is on 11.5.x. For more information, see RSA NetWitness Platform 11.5 Online Documentation
  2. Download the Language pack from RSA Link > Downloads > and unzip the language pack.
  3. On the NetWitness Admin server, run the following command:
    rpm -Uvh rsa-nw-ui-i18n-
  4. On the NetWitness Admin server, run the following command:
    rpm -Uvh security-analytics-l10n-
  5. Reboot the NetWitness Admin server host.

Set the Language

You can set the language in User Preferences dialog.

  1. In the upper right corner of the NetWitness Platform browser window, select profile_28x17.png.

Note: You must access the User Preferences dialog only from the Respond view and the Investigate views: Event Analysis, Hosts, Files, and Users.

  1. Select the required language.

  2. Click Apply.
    Any selections that you make become effective on all views.