Configure Email Servers and Notification Accounts

This topic provides instructions for configuring email so that users can receive notifications in NetWitness Platform. RSA NetWitness Platform can send notifications to users through email about various system events. To be able to configure these email notifications, you must first configure the SMTP email server. The Email Configuration panel provides a way to:

  • Configure the email server.
  • Set up an email account to receive notifications.
  • View statistics on email operations.

The NetWitness Platform requires access to an SMTP mail server in order to send reports to users. Each user account can be configured to receive emailed reports. These reports can be generated manually, through the user interface, or automatically, through the auditing system. The following guidelines apply:

  • Any SMTP mail host can be used to deliver emails, and each host requires a different configuration. The SMTP provider provides the settings for configuration.
  • Some SMTP servers require user authentication in order to relay emails successfully. Typically, this is the login and password for the email account.
  • Best practice is to create a new, dedicated email account on the SMTP email server for NetWitness Platform reports.

To configure NetWitness Platform email notifications:

  1. Go to netwitness_adminicon_25x22.png (Admin) > System.
    The Administration System view is displayed.
  2. In options panel, select Email.
    Email Server Setting dialog box
  3. If you want to change the default mail server, specify the Mail server name and Server port.
  4. If the email server communicates with NetWitness Platform using SSL, set the box next to Use SSL.
  5. In the From address field, type the name of the email account sending NetWitness Platform email notifications.
  6. If the SMTP server requires user authentication to relay emails successfully, type the Username and User Password for logging in to the email account.
  7. To activate the settings, click Apply.
    You can now configure NetWitness Platform modules to receive various notifications by email.