The Rules tabs in the Services Config view ( AdminIcon_25x22.png (Admin) > Services > select a service and click actionDD.png > View > Config) enable you to define and manage capture rules. Each type of rule has a list with slightly different columns and different parameters in the Rule Editor dialog. Application and correlation rules apply to both Decoders and Log Decoders. Network rules apply only to Network Decoders.


The following figure depicts the workflow for common Decoder configuration tasks with the steps you can complete in this view highlighted.


What do you want to do?

User RoleI want to...Documentation
Administratorconfigure capture settings Configure Capture Settings
Administratormanage parsers and log parsers Enable and Disable Parsers and Log Parsers


start and stop data capture

Start and Stop Data Capture

Administrator configure rules* Configure Decoder Rules
Administrator import, export, or push a rule* Configure Decoder Rules
Administratorenable or disable a rule* Configure Decoder Rules
Administratoradd, edit, or delete a rule* Configure Decoder Rules

*You can complete these tasks here.

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Quick Look

This is an example of the App Rules tab.


1Rules Tab Toolbar - Provides options to work with rules in the list
2Rules Actions Menu - Provide options to manage sets of rules
3Rules List Context Actions - Displays the Rules List Context Menu

Rules Tab Toolbar

The toolbar is the same for all Config view > Rules tabs.


ActionsDisplays the Actions menu.
add.png Adds a new rule to a service.
delete.png Deletes a rule from a service.
edit.png Allows rule modification.
DisableIcon.png Disables a rule (without deleting the rule). 
EnableIcon.png Enables (reactivates) a rule.
FilterThe input field for a search string. NetWitness Platform filters the rules dynamically as you type a search string. Clicking x clears the input field, restoring the unfiltered view.
ApplySaves the changes made to rules and applies the configured rules to a service. Until you apply changes, it is possible to reload the rules as they were before current modifications.
RevertDiscards unsaved changes to the list and reverts to the unedited rules.

Rules Actions Menu

The Actions menu has options that help to manage sets of rules.


ImportImports a set of rules into the user interface so that it can be applied to a service. You can edit the rules before applying.
ExportSaves selected rules or all rules to an .nwr file on the client machine.
PushAllows rules to be applied to other services (Decoders or Log Decoders) or Decoders belonging to a service group. When pushing, the rules can either be merged (update existing rules and append new ones) or replaced.
  • Push > All. Pushes all rules to other services. All rules on the target services are removed and replaced with all of the rules on the source service.
  • Push > Selection. Pushes selected rules to other services. You have two options:
    • Replace. Deletes all rules on the target services and replaces them with the selected rules from the source service. 
    • Merge. Merges the selected rules with the existing rules on the target services
HistoryDisplays the last ten snapshots of rules applied through NetWitness Platform. You can select and apply (restore) a snapshot to the Decoder at anytime.

Rules List Context Actions

Within a rules list, right-clicking a row displays the Rules list context menu.

CutDeletes the current rule.
CopyCopies the current rule.
Paste AbovePastes the copied rule above the current rule.
Paste BelowPastes the copied rule below the current rule.
EditEdits the current rule.
Insert BelowInserts imported rules below the current rule.
Insert AboveInserts imported rules above the current rule.
Export SelectionExports the selected rules.
Push Selected RulesPushes the selected rules to other services.