Deploy Component Core Services in Azure

The following tasks must be performed to configure the core RSA NetWitness Platform component services on a virtual machine (VMs) in the Azure Cloud environment.

  1. Go to and sign in with your credentials.
  2. Search for RSA.


  3. Click RSA NetWitness Platform core service (for example, RSA NetWitness Concentrator) and click Create.


    The Create virtual machine wizard opens and displays the Basics tab.

  4. Enter the values in the following fields:

    1. Specify a VM Name (for example, Concentrator).
    2. Select SSD for the VM disk type of the Concentrator or HDD for all other components.

      Solid State Disk (SSD) performs better than a Hard Drive (HDD).

    3. Select Password for Authentication type.
    4. Enter your credentials (that is User name and Password) and Confirm Password.
    5. Click OK.


      Azure validates the Basic specifications and the 2 Size page is displayed.

  5. Click on the appropriate VM size (for example, Standard DS14 v2 for the Concentrator) for the service and click Select for a VM Size.

    For more information on RSA's recommendations of the VM sizes for each service, see Azure Configuration Recommendations.


    Azure validates the Size specifications and the Networking page is displayed.

  6. Enter the Settings.

    1. In the Storage field, make sure Use manage disks is set to Yes .
    2. Under Networking:

    3. Click OK.

      Azure validates the VM and the Purchase page is displayed.


  7. Click Purchase to create the core RSA Security Analytics component service (for example, Concentrator) VM in Azure.
  8. Configure the host VM in RSA NetWitness Platform

    For more information, see Configure Host VMs in NetWitness Platform .

  9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 inclusive for the rest of the core RSA NetWitness component services.