Discontinued Resources Tab

The Discontinued Resources tab provides a user interface in the Live Configure view:

  • Scan the services for the discontinued resources.

  • Remove the discontinued resources from any service or service group.

Note: Discontinued content still appears. With discontinued content there just won’t be any updates, and users won’t see these items when they search in Live, unless they check the Include Discontinued Resources box while searching.

In the RSA Content space on RSA Link, you can view the complete, up-to-date list of discontinued resources (Discontinued Content). For each resource, there is a description of why it was discontinued. Use these details to determine whether or not to remove a discontinued resource from your installation. .

The required permission to access this view is Manage Live Resources.

To access this view:

  1. Go to netwitness_configureicon_24x21.png (Configure) > Subscriptions.

    The Subscriptions tab is displayed.

  2. Click the Discontinued Resources tab.

    The Discontinued Resources tab is displayed.

    An example of the Discontinued Resources tab

The Discontinued tab has two panels: Groups and Discontinued Resources on Service.

Groups Panel

The Groups panel is a static display of configured service groups that were created in the Admin Services view. Selecting a group in the Groups panel populates the Discontinued Resources panel with a list of discontinued resources which are deployed on the selected service or service group.

Feature Description

Scan discontinued resrouces icon

Click the button to scan the services for a discontinued resource.

Current status icon

Displays the current status of the discontinued resources on a service.

Note: The status of a service may change while the services are being scanned.


Displays service group name. Clicking the plus sign displays a nested list of services in the group.


Displays IP address of each service in the group.


Displays type of service.

Discontinued Resources on Service Panel

The following table describes the features in the Discontinued Resources on Service panel.

Feature Description
Delete icon

Click the button to delete the selected resources from the service or service group.


This is the name of the resource.


This is the type of resource.


Version of the discontinued resource.


Indicates the status of the discontinued resources for the subscribed resource.

Yes - The resource is discontinued.

No - The resource is not discontinued.

-- - The Live Server is not checked for the discontinued resources.


Displays date and time that the resource was last updated.


Displays description of the resource.