Start Using New Features

There are many exciting new features that you can enable after you have upgraded to The following is a list of the new features for each area of NetWitness Platform. For a detailed description of the new features in this release, see the Release Notes for RSA NetWitness Platform Go to the Master Table of Contents to find all RSA NetWitness Platform 11.x documents.

Investigation - SIEM and Network Traffic Analysis

  • Investigation Enhancements:

    • Compact View:

    • Timeline Options

User Entity Behavior Analytics

  • Alert Feedback Enhancement

Endpoint Investigation

  • Support for OPSWAT Scans

  • Create groups with Machine OU as a filter

  • Extended Agent Support for Mac BigSur (version 11) on M1

  • Automatic download of memory DLL files

  • Added agent folder protection in the driver

Event Stream Analysis (ESA)

  • Optionally Persist Incident Artifacts

Log Collection

  • Trusted Authentication for NetWitness Export Connector

  • Support for Logstash Keystore from UI


  • View Creator Information