Fixed Issues

This section lists issues fixed after the last major release. For additional information on fixed issues, see the Fixed Version column in the RSA NetWitness® Platform Known Issues list on RSA Link.

Context Hub Fixes

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While configuring a STIX custom feed in Config > Custom Feeds > Feeds, Sightings data (sightings_count=1 in the STIX xml file ) such as Sources, Timestamps, Confidence, and References are not available under Define Columns preview.

Log Collection Fixes

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When you add more than 50 Remote Destination Log Collectors under Local Collectors > Destination Groups in the Config window, pagination does not work. As a result, Destination Log Collectors above 50 are not displayed on the UI.

Endpoint Fixes

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ASOC-112285 After downloading a file (present across different Endpoint servers) in one of the Endpoint servers, when you try to save a local copy of it from any other Endpoint server (where it was not downloaded), an error message Download failed. Check the audit logs for more details. is displayed. The download status of the file is changed from Downloaded to File Deleted on server.

Administration Fixes

Tracking Number Description
ASOC-112493 Capture Policy deployment fails, when you try to create a new Capture Policy in Configure > Capture Policies. As a result, the status is displayed as Failed under Publication Status and Service Assignment.
ASOC-112805 Administrators are not permitted to download Events or Jobs created by other users in Admin>System>Jobs.

Respond Fixes

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ASOC-111459 When you edit any incident rule in Configure > Incident Rules page and save the changes, after sometime these changes are reverted. Consequently, incidents associated with these incident rules are not created with the new changes.