This topic describes how licensing of appliances and services is implemented in NetWitness Platform. The entitlement capability leverages myRSA ( as the mechanism for entitlement delivery.



Entitlements Created and Available to Customer.

After a customer order is processed, the entitlements (licenses) become available in myRSA. The entitlements are tied to an individual account.


Register NetWitness Server on myRSA and Map Entitlements to the Local License Server (LLS).

  • Customers log on to myRSA and view the entitlements to which they have access within their account.
  • Customers map entitlements to their Local License Server using the License Server ID (displayed in the NetWitness Platform AdminIcon_25x22.png (Admin) > System > Info panel).  The License Server ID is used only for mapping entitlements to a Local License Server and does not pertain to appliance activation.

Synchronize the Server and Download Mapped Entitlements.
There are two methods for customers to synchronize with FlexNet Operations-On Demand (FNO-OD) and download the mapped entitlements to their LLS.

  • Sites with Internet connectivity. If the LLS has Internet connectivity, the LLS attempts to synchronize with FNO-OD every 24 hours over HTTP (TCP-80). Customers with Internet connectivity can also perform on-demand synchronization, using the Refresh option in the AdminIcon_25x22.png (Admin) > System > Licensing panel on the NetWitness Server. For more information, see Register the Server (Online Registration).

    After the synchronization, endpoint entitlements that were mapped to the Local License Server on the NetWitness Platform appliance are synchronized on hourly basis by port 443.
  • Sites in closed environments. Customers can synchronize the mapped entitlements by downloading a capability request and importing it on the NetWitness Server. For more information, see Register the Server (Offline Capability Request).

After the synchronization, entitlements that were mapped to the Local License Server on the NetWitness Platform appliance are synchronized, but the entitlements have not been used in any way. For example, if you have purchased 10 Decoders and 10 Concentrators, 10 of 10 Decoder entitlements and 10 of 10 Concentrator entitlements would be available on the NetWitness Server.

Note: FNO-OD is the license server in the cloud on myRSA. The URL is The customer's firewall must allow communications between this URL on port 80 (whatever it resolves to when using lookup or whois) and the NetWitness Platform IP address.