Live Feeds View

Use the Live Feeds View to:

  • Create custom feeds.
  • Create identity feeds.
  • Edit feeds.

The required role to access this view is Manage Devices.

To access this view, navigate to netwitness_configureicon_24x21.png (Configure) > Custom Feeds.

This is an example of the Feeds view.

An example of the Feeds view

The Feeds tab has a toolbar and a grid.


This table describes the options in the toolbar.

Feature Description


Initiates the creation of a custom or identify feed by displaying the Setup Feed dialog is displayed.


  • Custom Feed opens the Configure a Custom Feed wizard.

  • Identity Feed opens the Configure Identity Feeds wizard.


Deletes the feed that you selected.

edit icon

Opens the Configure Custom Feed or Configure Identity Feed wizard for the feed that you selected (see Editing a Feed.


Start or resume data feed.


Stop or pause data feed.

Feeds Grid

This table describes the columns in the grid.

Column Description

Selects a feed.


Name of the feed.

Note: You can now use special characters to define the name of the custom feed.


Displays how often the feed runs which is determined by what you defined in Feed Task Type when the feed was created.


Displays date and time when the feed was created.

Disk Usage

Displays the MongoDB storage size used by the TAXII feed.

Last Run Time

Displays date and time when the feed was last run.


The status of the feed.


Progress bar.