This topic introduces the features and functions of the Integration tab in the Administration Services Config view for Malware analysis. This tab provides a way to test connections and enable Community scoring by registering the Malware Analysis service. An administrator can test the connection to and to a core service that was configured for continuous scan.



What do you want to do?

RoleI Want to...Show me how
AdministratorConfigure General Malware Analysis Settings Configure General Malware Analysis Settings
AdministratorConfigure Indicators of CompromiseConfigure Indicators of Compromise


Configure Auditing on Malware Analysis Host

(Optional) Configure Auditing on Malware Analysis Host

AdministratorConfigure Hash Filter(Optional) Configure Hash Filter


Configure Installed Anti virus Vendor

Configure Installed Antivirus Vendors

AdministratorConfigure Malware Analysis Proxy Settings(Optional) Configure Malware Analysis Proxy Settings


Register a TreadGRID API Key

(Optional) Register for a ThreatGRID API Key

AdministratorEnable Community Analysis* Enable Community Analysis

*You can perform this task in the current view

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Basic Setup

Quick Look

The following figure is an example of the Integration tab.


1Displays the Integration Tab.


This tab has two sections: RSA Cloud Connection Test and Registration and Continuous Scan Connection Test. The following table describes the features.

RSA Cloud Connection Test and Registration

Clicking this button tests for an active connection to NetWitness Platform tests communications with the site and checks Proxy settings. A valid connection is required in order to register with the RSA Community Service.

Company Name

This is the name of your company. This is a required field.

Contact Email

This is the contact email. This is a required field.

Internal EMC Use Only Check box

This is an optional field. EMC customers, salespersons, or demo users should check this option to ensure that their requests do not use bandwidth on the production server. When the box is checked the following warning is displayed:

Checking this box may cause a less robust performance because the production server isn't being used.

Register button

Clicking the Register button completes registration if all required fields are filled in. The Register button becomes the Update button after registration is complete.

Update button

The Update button is displayed after registration is complete.

Continuous Scan Connection
Test button

Clicking this button initiates a check to verify that the Malware Analysis service can connect to the Core service selected for continuous scanning (the Source Host, Source Port, Username, and User Password as specified in the General tab).