MetaCallback Feeds using CIDR Index Range for IPv4 and IPv6

You can use CIDR index ranges for IPv4 and IPv6 in custom MetaCallback feeds. As with other custom feeds, you must create feed data file in .csv format, and a feed definition file in .xml format.

Note: Using MetaCallback feeds with CIDR index ranges is supported only through the Advanced Configuration wizard or the REST interface.

The following example shows the contents of both a .csv file and an .xml file for a MetaCallback feed using CIDR index ranges for IPv4 or IPv6.


CSV File Contents, Sydney, Melbourne

XML File Contents

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><FDF xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="feed-definitions.xsd">
<FlatFileFeed name="ip_test" path="ip_test.csv" separator="," comment="#">
<MetaCallback name="DstIP" valuetype="IPv4" apptype="0" truncdomain="false">
<Meta name="ip.dst"/>
<LanguageKey name="alert" valuetype="Text" />
<Field index="1" type="index" range="cidr"/>
<Field index="2" type="value" key="alert" />

Note: To configure a CIDR index range for feeds with single or multiple MetaCallbacks of value type IPv4 or IPv6, the field of type index MUST contain a range attribute with range="cidr". Also, configuring "cidr" index ranges for feeds with MetaCallbacks of multiple different value types is not supported.