Search and Download Content from NetWitness Platform Live

Administrators can search for live content using the Search Content panel in the NetWitness Platform Live, which is similar to browsing the live CMS contents in the netwitness_configureicon_24x21.png (Configure) > Live Content page on the NetWitness Platform.

Note: If Admin server is not connected to the Live Services, you can use the NetWitness Platform Live to search and download the required contents.



  • Ensure that you have created the Live account. For more information, see Create Live Account.

Quick Search for Content

You can quickly select and view the available content types under Content section in the NetWitness Platform Live.

Clicking netwitness_contenticon_16x16.png expands the Content section and displays the following options:

  • Featured: Selected by default, displays all the featured contents.

  • New: Displays the content which is created in the last 21 days.

  • Recently Updated: Displays the content which is updated in the last 21 days.

Advanced Search for Content

You can search for the specific content in the Search Content view. For more information, see Live Search Content View.

To search the content:

  1. Click netwitness_contenticon_16x16.png to expand the Search Content section.

  2. In the Search Content, specify the search criteria. Enter any or all of these: keyword, type of resource, tag, meta keys, meta values, date when content was created, date when content was modified, and (optional) discontinued content.


  3. Click Search.

    The matching results are displayed on the right panel.


    You can sort the contents using the name, created date, updated date, type, or description.

    Note: Clicking Reset Filter removes the existing filters applied from the Search Content, and displays all the available content on the right panel.

Download Content

You can download the contents from the results displayed in the right panel by performing the following steps:

Note: You cannot download a discontinued content.

To download the content:

  1. Click the title of the topic that you want to download.

    The Content Details dialog is displayed.


  2. Click Download.

    The content file is downloaded.