RSA NetWitness New Health and Wellness is an advanced monitoring and alerting system that provides insights on the operational state of the host and services in your deployment, and helps identify potential issues. NetWitness Platform is prepackaged with a third-party tool that renders interactive dashboards and visualizations.

New Health and Wellness provides:

  • Dashboards with interactive visualization.
  • Easy-to-create customized content.
  • Alerts on your data and customize alert conditions.
  • Ability to add alert notifications (for example, Email and Syslog notifications).

  • Ability to suppress alert notifications for a time period as required.

New Health and Wellness provides default content, such as dashboards, visualizations, and monitors, to set up monitoring and alerting.

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The dashboard is a collection of intuitive visualizations for the administrator to monitor the health of the host and services, identify trends, track performance, and drill down to specific details.

After installation of the New Health and Wellness service, the following default dashboards are available to begin monitoring.

  • Deployment Health Overview dashboard
  • Hosts dashboard
  • Logs dashboard
  • Packets Overview dashboard
  • Analysis dashboard
  • Endpoint dashboard
  • ESA Correlation Overview dashboard

For more information on the dashboards, see New Health and Wellness Dashboards .


A visualization is a graphical representation of data in your deployment. You can create new visualizations or use the existing visualizations to build dashboards. Depending on the visualization you select the data is displayed in the dashboard.


A monitor is a job that runs on a defined schedule, which queries Elasticsearch to evaluate the system health. You can define one or more triggers for a monitor and assign a severity level based on the threshold. When one or more trigger conditions are met, New Health and Wellness generates an alerts. You can create new monitors or customize the existing monitors based on your requirement.


Notifications can be sent when health alerts are generated, for example, email and syslog notifications.

If you do not want to receive notifications, you can suppress them for a time period. For example, if you want to suppress low-severity alerts during weekends, you can do so by specifying a suppression policy.

After the suppression time period, the notifications will be sent for the alerts triggered during the suppression time.

Installing New Health and Wellness

You can deploy the New Health and Wellness feature on any one of the following, listed in the order of preferred deployment method with most preferred first:

  • Standalone virtual host (Most preferred recommendation to ensure no performance impact on any other functionality of deployed nodes)
  • Physical machine:
    • Broker
    • Admin Server
    • ESA

Installing New Health and Wellness enables all hosts and services in your deployment to start sending metrics for monitoring. For more information on installing New Health and Wellness, see the "Deployment Optional Setup Procedures" topic in the Deployment Guide.

Accessing New Health and Wellness Dashboards

After you deploy New Health and Wellness, you can access New Health and Wellness dashboards. By default, only Administrator can access New Health and Wellness dashboards. Other roles do not have permission to view New Health and Wellness dashboards.

To access New Health and Wellness dashboards:

  1. Log in to NetWitness Platform.

  2. Go to AdminIcon_25x22.png (Admin) > Health & Wellness.
  3. Click New Health & Wellness.
  4. Click Pivot to Dashboard.

Note: To view dashboards, your browser must be configured to allow popups and redirects.