RSA NetWitness Lists

The following table lists the RSA NetWitness Lists, used by the rules and reports in RSA NetWitness Platform.



Vendor Update Sites

List of popular Vendor Update Sites providing updates to endpoints. Traffic from most vendor sites is considered normal and hence can be filtered from capture.

Administrative Users

Lists the names of the administrative users.

Ad Servers

List of popular Ad sites. Ad services consume a lot of disk space. If the traffic is acceptable, ad servers are a good candidate for filtering.

Compliance Data

List of filenames or object names that are important from a compliance perspective.

Compliance Systems

List of user-defined watchlist of system IP addresses that are important from a compliance perspective.

Content Delivery Networks

List of popular Content Delivery Networks. Most popular content is spread across CDNs. Filter these sites to reduce the amount of "noise" from non-dangerous traffic.

Local Country

Lists names of the local country.

News Portals

List of popular News Portal sites. If you are not worried about these sites, you should filter them from capture.