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Introducing the future of RSA Link and the new product communities

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During the past year, RSA has had the ambitious goal of leveraging our independence from Dell to become more focused, dedicated and agile with our different business areas in order to move faster on behalf of our customers. This is a focus shared across the company, which includes RSA Link as the primary online community and support portal.

With this in mind, it is our privilege to announce that RSA Link will be dividing into multiple communities for the different products and business areas, with new support portals and/or communities launching for SecurID®, NetWitness®, Archer® and Outseer®. This will allow for greater community engagement and present more relevant information at your fingertips without the need to first navigate to your product or filter results.

What will change?

The following changes will be taking place at the end of January and into the beginning of February:

  • The Archer® Community will officially launch for Archer customers.
  • The NetWitness® Community will officially launch for NetWitness customers.
  • RSA Link will be rebranded as the SecurID® Community for SecurID and SecurID Governance & Lifecycle customers.

For Outseer customers, the Outseer® Vision website has already launched and is available.

How will I be affected?

If you are an existing SecurID or NetWitness customer then there will be no changes to your account.  This means:

  • You will still log in using your same credentials and have the same level of access
  • You will still be associated with all of the posts, replies, and content you created
  • You will have the same user profile, username, preferences, including ranks and badges
  • You will still be subscribed to the same content such as advisories, blogs, etc.

SecurID and NetWitness customers that have not yet registered will leverage the same existing registration portal, and will be prompted for their product at the time of registration. Customers with both products will need to register twice, once for each product, but will then be able to log in to both the SecurID Community and the NetWitness Community with the same credentials.


Will RSA Link be accessible during the migration?

The migration to the new community instances will begin on Wednesday, January 26th, and will continue through the weekend and into the next week. During this time, the RSA Link website will still be available and all public resources (e.g. documentation, advisories, blog posts, etc.) will be accessible.

However, the RSA Registration Portal will be undergoing maintenance beginning on Friday, January 21st, to prepare for the community launches.  This means that new users will be unable to register for accounts during this period.

Additionally, there will be a brief period between 3am and 5am EST on Wednesday, January 26th, where RSA Link itself will be undergoing maintenance to prepare for the new community launches. During this time, users may be unable to create or contribute to content such as discussion threads, blog posts, etc.

Existing users will still be able to log in throughout most of the migration period. This page will be updated when more information is available regarding any login outages. During any such outage—which would be kept to as short a time as possible—the restricted sections of the website including downloads and the Case Portal would be inaccessible.

More information will be provided as the time windows are finalized.


We are very excited about these upcoming changes and look forward to the opportunity to provide a more tailored user experience for each product.  Thank you for your participation and for your patience as we make this transition.

Apprised Contributor
Apprised Contributor

@jeffshurtliff are these emails part of the migration? my organization received them today, but they are very sketchy looking.



Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

I received the same email. They do look like a simulated phishing campaign.

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Hi @LaurenBrodt and @StaceyJonasen1,

Those emails are actually from the Archer Community that is a spin-off of this community.  The emails are indicating that your account has been activated over there with the same username should you want to participate over there as well.  I believe all you need to do is reset your password over there and it will fully activate your account.

If you do not intend to participate on the Archer Community then the emails can be disregarded.

Sorry for any confusion they have caused.