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The SecurID Community has become the RSA Community

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RSA recently announced its decision to return to its roots and focus the RSA brand on identity, which means that SecurID is now RSA. To further embrace this decision, the SecurID Community has become the RSA Community, as was announced a few weeks ago.

What has changed?

The community name has changed to become the RSA Community, and the overall design of the website has changed accordingly to adhere to RSA branding. The primary URL will also soon return to being, although the address will still be valid as well for backward compatibility. This also means that the email notifications will start being sent from an email address and will reference the new community name.

What has stayed the same?

The overall website experience remains the same, with the same navigation, pages, and content. The login experience is also unchanged, including login credentials, usernames, profiles, and other such information.

We are excited for this change and to provide a more cohesive experience across websites, and we look forward to your continued participation within the community.

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