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Latest batch of RSA Tokens are failing

We recently got a new set of hardware/software tokens to use with our RSA Authentication Manager and Checkpoint firewall. All of our older tokens log in properly but the new ones are failing for username/PW a bunch of time... then, eventually, they will let the user in. If you completely close out of the VPN app on the system and then try to log in it appears to work immediately. They are failing on different OSes, android/iphones, etc... all devices give the same type of behavior. Some users have had to try to login 10+ times before it will finally let them in. 


We've never had these issue with these tokens -- they normally just let the user in immediately. We have vendors that are using these onsite so its starting to cause a big issue. The error that I see on the firewall is just a bad username or password. 


Do you guys have any ideas why the new tokens are failing like this? 



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