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RSA,The Security Division of EMC, announces the release of RSA Access Manager 6.2 Service Pack 3





RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announces the release of RSA Access Manager 6.2 Service Pack 3. This release includes new enhancements on key features and platform support.








            New Datastore support:


                        ¥ Oracle 12c


                        ¥ OpenDJ 2.6


                        ¥ ActiveDirectory 2012 R2




            New Application Server support:


                        ¥ Oracle WebLogic Server 12cR2 (12.1.3)


                        ¥ Apache Tomcat 8.0


                        ¥ JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.2




            New Platform support:


                        ¥ Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, 64-bit


                        ¥ IBM AIX 7.1 on Power PC, 64-bit 




            Supported Platforms from Previous Releases:


                        ¥ Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2, 32-bit and 64-bit


                        ¥ Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 64-bit


                        ¥ Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, 64-bit


                        ¥ SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, 64-bit


                        ¥ SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, 64-bit


                        ¥ IBM AIX 6.1 PowerPC, 64-bit


                        ¥ Oracle Solaris 10 on SPARC v9, 64-bit


                        ¥ Oracle Solaris 11 on SPARC v9, 64-bit


                        ¥ VMware vSphere 5.x. 






New Features and Enhancements :




Adaptive Authentication enhancements:


¥ Support for SecurID as an Adaptive Authentication credential type.


Access Manager Server supports SecurID as an Adaptive Authentication credential type to provide enhanced security by authenticating a user using RSA Authentication Manager.


¥ Ability to identify and configure different Adaptive Authentication policies for the resources and applications protected by Access Manager Server.




Runtime API enhancements:


¥ Calls to the authentication runtime API with ""token option on"" now return a user token when an administrative token is present.


¥ For implementations with multiple authentication types, multiple logon failures are only counted once if the cleartrust.aserver.multi_authn.increment.failed.count.once parameter in the aserver.conf configuration file is set to true.






 Affected Products:








RSA strongly recommends customers to upgrade from RSA Access Manager 6.1 (all service packs) to RSA Access Manager 6.2 or higher.




Note - This service pack update is a re-release of Service Pack 3, which contains a fix to the migration tool to address the AD/ADLDS issue that was reported earlier.



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