About the Operations Console

You use the Operations Console to configure and set up a deployment. For example, you use the Operations Console to manage the following items:

  • Identity sources. Add, view, edit, and delete existing identity sources.

  • Instances. View primary and replica instances; add, delete, and synchronize replica instances.

  • Disaster recovery. Restore a primary instance with a backup. Promote a replica instance to restore deployment administration.

  • Backups. Create a backup of deployment data.

  • SSL Certificates. Replace the console certificate with a certificate issued by a third-party certificate authority (CA).

  • Custom Logon Banners. Configure custom logon banners that display before users log on to the Operations Console, the Security Console, the Self-Service Console, or the appliance operating system with a Secure Shell (SSH) client.

  • Web Tiers. Add, view, edit, and delete web tiers.

  • Network Settings. Manage various network settings, for example., verifying an IP address or hostname.

Note: Initially, the Security Console and Operations Console both use the user name and password that you specified during Quick Setup. If you change the user name or password for either Console, the user name and password for the other Console remains unchanged.